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With so many KiwiSaver schemes to choose from that’s a good question.

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The 5 year returns shown are the average for each fund type per annum (p.a.) from sorted.org.nz Fundfinder 01/04/10 to 30/06/15. Defensive 2.92%, Conservative 5.01%, Balanced 6.93% and Growth 8.55% p.a. The 5 year average returns are used for illustrative purposes only and during this time period there has been a bull market in equities so these returns may be higher than usual. Assumptions are that you remain employed and contributing 3% p.a. of your before tax pay or self-employed contributing continuously until you reach retirement at age 65. If employed your salary is assumed to grow by 3% p.a. Your employer puts in 3% p.a. less Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax. If self-employed you begin contributing ($20 p.w.) $1,042.86 p.a. and is assumed to increase by 3% p.a. Inflation is assumed to average 2% p.a. The table above does not reflect the prospective performance of the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme or of any Fund. The returns are subject to investment and other risks (including potential losses). No returns are guaranteed or assured, and returns can at times be negative, particularly given the length of the investment period shown in the illustration. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and returns over different periods may differ.

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Henry Tongue

Henry Tongue

Aon - KiwiSaver Survey Report

Aon Hewitt's latest comprehensive survey of KiwiSaver funds and KiwiSaver managers as at 31 March 2016 is now available. Not only was Generate the fastest growing KiwiSaver provider but Aon called the Generate Conservative Fund "the stand out performer" as the best performing fund accross all categories for the year to 31 March 2016!

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Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards

KiwiSaver: How to get an extra $521 from the Govt

If you are in KiwiSaver you can get an extra $521 a year from the Government, but many people are missing out. Here is how to get the free $521!

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