Privacy Policy

Generate Investment Management Limited (or Generate group companies), Public Trust, any of their authorised agents, and any distributor assisting with the application (each an “Authorised Person”) may collect personal information about the member provided in connection with this application or the Scheme, will (or through MMC New Zealand Limited will) hold the information securely and may use the personal information to manage the member’s investment in the Scheme, to communicate with the member or to promote other products and services to the member. 

Generate Investment Management Limited may further use the information to electronically verify member details and this information may also be disclosed for these purposes to third parties where GIML have further contracted to carry out the verification process

The member may ask that he or she be shown the information held about the member, and if any of the information is incorrect, ask for it to be corrected. 

The addresses for Generate Investment Management Limited, Public Trust and MMC New Zealand Limited are set out in the Directory of the Product Disclosure Statement for the Scheme.